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Can I Give My Cat Fish Antibiotics

In this article, we’ll explore the answers to the question “why does my cat bite me for no reason?” to better understand why cats bite and what to do when biting happens. ‘Aggression’ is serious and may lead to injury to people, and other pets, moreover zoonosis can transmit from cats to people through aggressive acts. From deworming tablets to antibiotics, there are many different pills you must sometimes give a cat. Unfortunately, many cats are experts at spitting out pills, or they may refuse to eat them altogether. There are certain strategies you can use to help you learn how to give a pill to a cat with the least amount of stress to the cat—and to you.

Cats can also develop weak and wobbly legs due to injury/trauma or falling from a height. Diabetes, organ failure, and neurological problems can cause the gradual weakening of a cat’s rear legs. If your cat’s hind legs suddenly stopped working, this can sometimes signify a blood clot, infection, or stroke.

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